Tamara Holder



A victims’ rights attorney, Tamara Holder was told to “know [her] role & shut [her] mouth” by a man, simply because she’s female. The creator & host of ‘Sports Court’ on Fox News – God forbid, a woman talk sports – Tamara was accused of “trying to look like Trayvon Martin” simply because she wore a hoodie, rather than a dress, on TV. But Tamara, a fearless fighter for equality, remains steadfast in her convictions…

Not a Competition

Tamara Holder isn’t a “talking head.” For over a decade, she’s represented victims of discrimination from the classroom to the workplace. She’s fought against police brutality & wrongful convictions. She’s asked for her clients’ past crimes to be forgiven through pardons. And…for 7 years, she defended progressive causes on Fox News Channel. Her opponents pointed fingers in her face. They tried to shout her down. They called her appearances a “competition.” But to Tamara, the fight for equality isn’t a game. 

Fearless Lawyer

Always bold and gutsy, Tamara Holder is steadfast in her mission as a fearless feminist, and a tough-as-nails Chicago civil rights and pardon attorney. As a lawyer, she fights against systemic abuses, from the police station to the courtroom to testifying before Congress. Tamara recently faced her own fears when she disclosed to her employer that she was sexually assaulted in the workplace. A tireless warrior for gender equality and human rights, and a courageous survivor herself, Tamara is dedicated to representing victims of past abuse, and protecting others against future abuse.