Tamara Holder


Tamara Holder takes no prisoners. She pulls no punches.

Creator & host of a sports show. Comic.  Political analyst. And attorney.

You could say she multitasks.

Honest to a fault.

Whip smart. Funny as hell.

But with a conscience. And a purpose.

She built her law practice helping criminals seek a second chance. She testified before Congress on behalf of wrongfully fired union workers. She defended residents of public housing against police discrimination.

Her show “Sports Court” provokes conversation.
Her political commentary is unpredictable.

When she takes the stage at a comedy club, no one –
from Sean Hannity to Hillary Clinton – is safe.

Born in Colorado, tied soul-deep to Chicago, and forged in New York, Tamara is ready for her next stage.

She has no fear. And no filter.

SPEAKING/PRESS INQUIRIES: contact@tamaraholder.com

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Recognized by the Chicago Sun-Times as one of “50 People Who Make Chicago a Better Place,” Tamara Holder’s work has just begun. A television host, attorney, and stand-up comic, Tamara is influenced by her small town values and big city dreams. Tamara doesn’t just talk about it; she’s lived it. She is smart and fearless. And whether it’s an insult or a football, Tamara is always prepared for anything that’s thrown at her.

The creator and host of Fox News’ only sports show, “Sports Court,” Tamara confronted the sports world’s most polarizing legal and political stories with a guest lineup of legendary athletes, journalists, politicians, and fellow legal minds.

A legal and political analyst on the Fox News Channel from 2010-2017, Tamara often happily angers conservative audiences. Typecast as a “liberal” because of her fair, educated, and unbiased commentary, Tamara calls-out hypocrisy on both sides of the political aisle. Despite being told to “know her role and shut her mouth,” Tamara refuses to stay silent.

When it comes to comedy, Tamara is one of a kind comic. Couple her formal improv and standup training with her work on Fox News, Tamara spits jokes from every political angle. Once she steps on the stage, nobody — from Sean Hannity to Hillary Clinton — is safe. The easily-offended and politically correct are advised to stay at home.

Tamara began her career as a civil rights and criminal defense attorney, with a focus on helping her clients clear their criminal records through governor’s pardons and expungement. Tamara has also helped shape public policy, from testifiying before Congress on behalf of wrongfully fired union workers to defending residents of public housing against police discrimination.

A small-town Colorado native with deep roots in Chicago, Tamara now lives in NYC. She loves her family and friends, beer, snowboarding, yoga, filthy martinis (vodka not gin), the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Denver Broncos.

Press and speaking inquiries: contact@tamaraholder.com