Tamara Holder

Dakota Access Pipeline protesters drop banner from rafters during Vikings game

Karl Zimmerman had never been to an NFL game. But somehow he found an old Brett Favre jersey (when he played for the Vikings) and threw it on before his big entrance into the stadium where he climbed the rafters and unveiled a huge anti Dakota Access Pipeline banner, that also had a US Bank logo.

Via USA Today Sports:

 “I hope (the protest) will get more people talking about the pipeline,” said Zimmerman, a Minneapolis resident. “The construction needs to stop. We just can’t keep building these pipelines that continue to leak, spoiling waterways and poisoning the ecology around disadvantaged populations.”

U.S. Bank spokesperson Dana Ripley declined comment.

Zimmerman, 32. and fellow climber/protester, 26-year-old Sen Holiday, hung from atop the stadium for about two hours until they climbed back down a built-in ladder and onto the catwalk after the game concluded. They were arrested and remain jailed on Monday morning on burglary and gross trespassing charges, both misdemeanors.