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Human garbage Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes dismembered girlfriend, fed her to dogs, serves short prison term…signs with new team

As a pardon attorney, I believe many people deserve a second chance, if earned.

Then there are some people who should rot in prison.

Bruno Fernandes de Souza is one of those disgusting, pieces of garbage who should have been locked up forever.

Instead, not only was Fernandes released from prison after serving just 1/3 of his sentence (7 out of 22 years) for ordering the murder of his girlfriend/child’s mother, Eliza Samudio, having her dismembered and fed to dogs, and having his wife throw away the infant….but Brazilian soccer/football team Boa Esporte has signed him to a 2-year deal. 

Via Daily Mail:

The former Flamengo captain is said to have wanted his ex-partner dead so he could avoid paying child support after she gave birth to his love child.  Police believed Bruno planned her abduction and murder with eight others, including his wife Dayane, another ex-lover, a younger cousin and a former policeman turned hitman.

The rest of the details are too graphic and barbaric to repeat. An investigator on the case said, ‘His acts were almost impossible to describe without breaking down – images from the worst nightmare you could imagine.’

Despite his crimes, Boa Esportes’ president, Rone Moraes da Costa, decided to do “a positive thing by trying to restore a person into society by giving him work.”

A “positive thing” would be “giving” this monster work in the slum where he threw away his baby.