Tamara Holder

Ivanka Trump’s dropped clothing line isn’t about politics…it’s about very bad fashion

Why does everyone have to be so political with regard to every single thing Trump-related? Some things have nothing to do with politics whatsoever. Rather, some things, like fashion, have to do with fashion.

As the Wonkette’s Robyn Pennacchia so poignantly points out, “Maybe Ivanka Trump Is Actually Just Bad At Fashion?”

I have never been a fan of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line — for reasons that have literally nothing to do with politics. I just happen to think it is not good. Not just for me, either! Because I spent many years in fashion, when I look at a line, I still look for who the customer is. More specifically, who the retail price customer is. I honestly do not know who the customer paying full retail price for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line is.

I know a thing or two about buying, and I’m going to tell you right now that even if they slapped a different label on it, I would still not buy Ivanka Trump’s clothing line if I worked for Nordstrom’s or any other retailer like that.

Read the rest for yourself. Robyn couldn’t be more accurate. Unless, of course, you own and proudly wear this shirt: 

And in that case, please turn it into a dishrag. We’re doing you a favor. 

Tamara Holder is a criminal defense and pardon attorney, licensed to practice in Illinois. She was the creator and host of Fox News’ only sports show “Sports Court,” as well as a legal and political analyst on the network.