Tamara Holder

TV Host & Analyst, Political Satirist, Attorney

Conservatives love her


She’d be much happier at home with a husband and baby

Really ticks me off

Should know her role and shut her mouth

The blood is on her people’s hands


People of her ilk are going to ruin this country

Excuse monger

Doesn’t know how to deliver a joke

Should know her role and shut her mouth

Tamara needs to confront reality

Tamara in action

About Tamara Holder

Tamara Holder is a fearless attorney and champion of equality. Unafraid of the risks to her own career, Tamara put herself at the forefront of the anti-sexual harassment crusade, before the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. Devoted to ending all forms of workplace abuse, she is a one-of-a-kind change agent for women’s and LGBTQ rights. Tamara’s “We just want to work,” theme has been headlined on major news networks, the covers of newspapers…and has also given her an opportunity to represent men and women against major corporations.

Tamara has spent her entire career fighting for equality. For almost a decade, Holder was a progressive and legal analyst on Fox News Channel. Standing up against conservative bombast, she never backed down despite always having the minority opinion. She is known for her fair, educated, and spirited commentary.

While at FOX News Channel, Holder merged her passion for sports and social justice, breaking ground as creator and host of Sports Court, the network’s only sports show. She confronted polarizing political, legal, and social issues in the world of sports with a guest lineup of legendary athletes, journalists, politicians, and fellow legal minds.

Recognized by The Chicago Sun Times as “One of 50 People who Make Chicago a Better Place,” Holder focused her law practice on civil rights and criminal defense, protecting the rights of the wronged and helping countless clients clear their criminal records through pardon and expungement. Upon the invitation of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., she founded the pro bono Rainbow PUSH Expungement Clinic where she devoted countless hours to public service in Chicago’s most poverty-stricken neighborhoods, as well as obtaining a congressional hearing on improper employment practices and testifying as an expert witness in another hearing.

Holder also recently faced her own adversity, and she prevailed. After being sexually assaulted in the workplace, she remained silent for over a year before reporting the incident to her employer. Determined to empower other victims of abuse who live in silence, Holder shared her story through The New York Times, despite being told she would forever be labeled as “toxic” for going public.

Within only a matter of months of the story, a young woman sought out Holder to help her settle a sexual harassment claim in the corporate office of a major fast food chain. Holder obtained nearly 10 times the original amount offered. With a renewed purpose, Holder will continue to focus on representing victims of abuse.

Through it all, Holder has remained true to her own moral compass, one that has driven her to overcome her own adversity in order to empower and defend others. From her legal career to her high-profile on-air hosting and commentary, she has paved the way for combining her commitment to social justice, gender equality, and a lifelong-love of sports into a road map for success.

Tamara Holder is a fearless trailblazer. Whether as a powerful media personality, political analyst, crusader for the impoverished, or activist for equality, she continues to provide a clear voice of reason and inspiration that stands out among the chaotic rhetoric of today’s social and political climate.

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