Tamara Holder

Video: SPORTS COURT w/ TAMARA HOLDER: Should athletes speak up or shut up on race/politics?

Within a day of each other, two African American men in two states – Philando Castile and Alton Sterling – were shot and killed by police.  This has not only promoted riots in the streets but also public outcry by our most prominent professional athletes, including NFL players Colin Kaepernick, Jaelen Strong, and Reggie Bush2016-7-7-fox news sports court-tamara holder-colin kaepernick-jaelen strong-reggie bush-philando castile-alston sterling-dallas police

Athletes have the same rights to free speech as any other American. The only difference between these men and you or me is that they have a different job. We have elevated athletes to celebrity status which gives them a greater following, and their voices are louder as a result. But what makes America great is our right to free speech and peaceful protesting.

Some say that athletes should ‘shut up’ and play (as documented below via Twitter). Joining Fox News “Sports Court” host is Pat Brady, former chairman of the IL Republican Party. [Direct link here.]

Sadly, some think athletes have no right to publicly share their feelings and opinions:

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And then there was this disturbing image of a cop getting his throat slit by a hooded person, posted by Cleveland Browns Isiah Crowell.

Originally published July 11, 2016