Tamara Holder

Video: SPORTS COURT w/ TAMARA HOLDER: The condom-filled Olympic village a cesspool of sex?

Sex, drugs and….the Olympics. Aside from Michael Phelps making it rain with gold medals, there’s other…let’s say…”interesting” news to discuss. The government of Brazil has handed out over 450,000 condoms in Rio. Compare that to Seoul’s measly 8500 condoms in 1988. And the doping debate is more heated than ever. Russia’s Yulia Efimova got to swim for the gold – but lost to American Lilly King — despite being caught for doping twice. We all know about Russia’s rampant, state-sponsored doping ring. And now there’s news that Brazil is cheating (again). Eric Guster joins Fox News host Tamara Holder on “Sports Court” to discuss. [Direct link here.] posted August 11, 2016 on FoxNews.com